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And Patrick Habis

Constitutional Making and Identity Construction in Occupied Palestine

Emilio Dabed: Docteur en sciences politiques, Institut d’études politiques/IREMAM Aix-en-Provence, spécialiste en droit constitutionnel, professeur à l’université Al-Qods, Jerusalem.

The constitutional drafting in Palestine was seen by some people as another emancipatory step, as an opportunity to reassert Palestinian identity, and as a challenge to the Palestinian legacy of colonialism and occupation. However, in this article I argue that the role and impact of these legal processes were of a strikingly different nature. The starting point of the analysis is that the PA’s constitutional and institutional frame was designed under occupation, by and for a non sovereign entity, and it thus represents the product of an ongoing colonial conflict rather than the end of it. Within this context, the PA political/constitutional regime rather than being an emancipatory reassertion of Palestinian identity tended to reproduce some colonial patterns –i.e. the Palestinian non sovereign status, authoritarian forms of domination, and the division of the colonized/occupied population in social groups with different legal status and often antagonistic interests

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