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The Unacknowledged Syrians The Mobilization of Palestinian Refugees of Yarmouk in the Syrian Revolution

Salim Salamah:

Yarmouk has been among the most affected Palestinian communities in Syria and yet among the most activist civil society hubs. This paper attempts to discuss the role the camp played in the pro-revolution mobilization movement. It presents a brief background about Yarmouk as a “multifunctional camp”, then, it tracks the timeline of the mobilization: starting by regime’s attempts to mobilize an anti-revolution sentiment, later it moves to present community efforts to welcome IDPs from all over Syria, as well as, the slow militarization of Yarmouk, and the tragic period of siege. Additionally, the paper presents some of the livelihoods strategies civilians and community organizations have been following to survive the siege. The paper aims as well to start a discussion about the post-2011 Palestinian Syrian identity, where it argues that for the younger generation their identity did not necessarily hinder their participation in the social movement; contrary to the older generation to whom the factional identity is more central.